α-D14MiA & α-D21MiA

α-D14MiA & α-D21MiA
 Item α-D14MiA & D21MiA
  Capacity  X-axis travel (table longitudinal) 300mm
 Y-axis travel (saddle cross) 300mm+100mm
 Z-axis travel (spindle head vertical) 330mm
 Table surface to spindle nose distance 150-480mm(with out specified high column)
 Table  Table working area 650x400mm
 Table maximum loading capacity 300kg
 Table surface configuration T-slot Nominal 14x distance 125mm x 3 piece
  Spindle  Spindle speed 100-10,000min-1
 Spindle(numally) 7/24 taper angle No.30(With blower
Feed rate  Rapid traverse rate (X,Y,Z) 48m/min(XYZ axis)
 Cutting feedrate 1-30,000mm/min
    ATC  Type of tool shank Turret
 Type of tool JIS B 6339-1998 BT30,MAS 403-1982 P30T-1(45 angle)
 Tool storage capacity 21 Pockets:while α-D21SiA/D21MiA/D21LiA
14 Pockets:while α-D14SiA/D14MiA/D14LiA
 Tool storage capacity 80mm
 Tool maximum length 250mm (with specification diffiences)
 Tool selection method Random nearest
 Tool maximum weight 2kg/ piece (23kg)/3kg/piece(33kg):α-D21SiA/D21MiA/D21LiA时
2kg/ piece(15kg)/3kg/piece(22kg):α-D14SiA/D14MiA/D14LiA
 Tool selection time 1.4 sec:α-D21SiA/D21MiA/D21LiA
1.6 sec:α-D14SiA/D14MiA/D14LiA(2kg/piece
 Motors  For spindle 11.0kw(1 min.)/3.7kw(Continuous
 Accuracy  Bi-axis positioning accuracy 0.006-0.020mm
     Bi-axis positioning repeatability <0.004mm
Sound pressure level   70dB or less
Controller   FANUC Series 31i-B
Power Source  Electric power capacity AC200V ~ AC220V +10 ~ -15% Three-phase 50/60Hz ±10kHz 10KVA
 Pressure source 0.35~0.55MPα (Recommended to use 0.5MPα)0.15m3/min(flow in Atmospheric pressure)
Machine size  Machine height 2,236±10mm(with out specified high column)
 Floor space required 1,565 X 2,040mm
 Machine weight 约2,000KG