The Fanuc Robot Robot R-1000iA is compact, high-speed six axis robot with an 80-100kg payload capacity. outstanding motion performance combined with a strong wrist make this tobot suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Slim profile design to minimize interference with system peripherals and allow operation in confined spaces.
  • Large operating space(including its rear and downward side) due to a serial link configuration.
  • High-speed approach from home to working positon and fast positioning in short pitch motion can minimize the required process time.
  • Optional solution arm dressout packages include welding cable,coolin water hoses and signal wires to support spot welding processes.
  • "Best in class" wrist moments and inertia meet a variety of handing challenages.
  • Proven, reliable FANUC servo drives provide highest uptime and productivity.
  • Stationary outer arm simplifies hose and cable dressout and plolongs service life.
  • Rugged,IP67 rated wrist design performs reliably even in the harshest manufacturing environments.
  • Wrist motors located at the rear of J3 keep them isolates from hot, wet or dirty environments.


 Item R-1000iA/80F R-1000iA/100F
 Applications  Spot Welding, Material Handling
  Palletizing, Material Removal,Mechine load/unload ,Packing , Assembly
 Controlled Axes 6 Axis(J1,J2,J3,J4,J5,J6)
 Reach 2230mm
 Installation floor、inverted
 Motion range(Maximum speed) J1 axis rotarion 360°(170°/sec) 6.28red (2.97 red/sec) 360°(130°/sec) 6.28red (2.27 red/sec)
J2 axis rotarion

245?(140°/sec) 4.28 red(2.44 red/sec)

245?(110°/sec) 4.28 red(1.92 red/sec)
J3 axis rotarion 360?(160°/sec) 6.28 red(2.79 red/sec) 360?(120°/sec) 6.28 red(2.09 red/sec)
J4 axis wrist rotarion 720?(230?/sec) 12.57 red (4.01 red/sec) 720?(170?/sec) 12.57 red (2.97red/sec)
J5 axis wrist swing 250?(230?/sec) 4.36 red (4.01red/sec) 250?(170?/sec) 4.36 red (2.97 red/sec)
J6 axis wrist rotation 720?(350?/sec) 12.75 red (6.11 red/sec) 720?(250?/sec) 12.57 red (4.36 red/sec)
 Max load capacity at  wrist 80kg(A) A+B<80KG 100kg
 Max load capacity J3 arm   20kg(C) C+D<20KG
Max load capacity J3 casing 15kg(B) 20kg(D)
 Allowable load moment at wrist J4

380N*m 38.8kgf?m

J5 380N*m 38.8kgf?m 8.86N*m
J6 200N*m 20.4kgf?m 4.9N*m
  Allowable  inertia at wrist J4 30kg?m2 306.1kgf?cm?s2 57kg?m2 581.6kgf?cm?s2
J5 30kg?m2 306.1kgf?cm?s2 57kg?m2 581.6kgf?cm?s2
J6 20kg?m2 204.1kgf?cm?s2 32kg?m2 326.5kgf?cm?s2
 Drive Method Electric servo drive AC servo motor
 Repeatability ±0.2mm
 Mass 620kg 665kg
 Instellation environment

Ambient temperature:0~45°

Ambient:Normally 75%RH or ;ess(No dew nor frost allowed)

Short term 95%RH or Less(within one month)

vibration:0.5G or less