• Simultaneous left/right processing with a main turret and compact sub-turret and overlap processing with double turning tools sharply cut the machining time
  • A half-indexing mechanism and a tool holder that can be fitted with complex revolving tools at one position means you’ll never feel short of tools


Items   BNA-42DHY2
Max. work length   100mm
Max. machining   diameter of bar work SP1/SP2 φ42mm/φ34mm
Turret slide stroke X1/Z1/Y1 140mm/235mm/70+-35mm
Spindle slide stroke X1/Z1/B 140/310/---
Number of spindle    
Spindle speed range SP1 60~6,000 min-1
  SP2 50~5,000 min-1
Inner diameter of draw tube SP1/SP2 φ43mm/φ30mm
Collet chuck type SP1 Hardinge S20,DIN173E,B&S#22D,JPN34,Halnbuch
  SP2 DIN173E,B&S#22D,JPN
Power chuck type   5" thru-hole chuck
Number of turret   2
Type of turret   6 ST.
Shank height of square turning tool   20mm
Diameter of drill shank   φ25mm
Number of revolving tools   8
Type of revolving tools   Single Clutch
Tool spindle speed range   50-5000 min-1
Rapid Feed rate X1 50m/min
  Z1 20m/min
  Y1 12m/min
  X2 12m/min
  Z2 20m/min
  B ---
Spindle drive SP1




Revolving tool drive   2.8/1.0km
Coolant pump   0.18kw
High pressure coolant drive   1/0.6kw
Machine height   1,680mm
Machine weight   3,000kg